Music project Canadium+ has formed in 2013 with band member Branislav Hamar (Brano). Since then he randomly creates own music or collaborates with other musicians around the world to make this project more ear friendly with lots of different music flavors.

Background ::

His artistic carier started in later 80s in playing youth theatre & littlebit in TV movies. Parallely music scene of 80's, 90's & 00's was sneaking constantly into his mind holding lots of music emotions and inspirational styles.

Influence ::

Big thanks goes to influencers of

Present ::

Now finally formed style of Canadium+ mixes past, present and future tunes of traditional instruments (guitar, piano,...) and electronic instruments (synthetizers,...) with support of PC and MIDI keyboard.

Why the name ::

Although Brano is originally from small country of Europe (Slovakia), he was mentally influenced by Canada, which he visited couple of times. Canada is for him country with plenty of space, nature and people living all together in beautiful harmony. And music he creates is led to same concept for everybody either listening or collaborating.

Where to find ::


Contact ::

name: Branislav Hamar (Brano)
skype: brano.hamar
email: manager( at )


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